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Jeff Martin†is a certified hypnotist† trainer and NLP Trainer/ (Neuro Linguistic Programming)††

He has worked with Doctors using complimentary hypnotism to help people with pain management and psychologists for helping people overcome negative habits and fears.†

Jeff works with groups both large and small as well as individuals in a private practice.Jeff has also become known for his brilliant hypnosis stage shows.

Jeff is a master stage hypnotist his shows are entertaining, fun and a positive addition to any group, class graduation,College or School he loves state fairs, conventions, corporate events and Christmas parties.† These stage shows can be tailored to the needs of the client so that they are relaxed and fun for everyone.

Jeff is also a motivational speaker, Teacher,Trainer, Mentor, Coach for corporations, small businesses, and hospitals and Nurses associations.

Jeff is the President and owner of Lincoln Hypnosis he has a office in Lincoln† and Omaha and† specializes in weight loss† and stop smoking programs.

Jeff has worked with thousands of people in these areas and† many more and† sees† clients†† and the Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis, which is† a approved school and Training Institute for hypnosis located in the state of Nebraska that is licensed by the state to teach hypnosis.†

He is also a certified trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotist.

Jeff has offices in Omaha and Lincoln Ne.


Jeff Martin CHT

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11414 West Center Road, Ste. 325
Omaha, NE
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Weight Loss
Hypnosis can help you to stop craving potato chips or whatever your favorite munchies are. †It canít make you exercise but can help you feel that it is something you want to do and actually be enjoyable. †Hypnosis works on your deep seated thought patterns to help you remove the bad ones and replace them with good desires and motivations. †You donít become a robot you just become the person you want to be and not bound by old habits and patterns you established over the years.
Quit Smoking
Now itís time you use that same desire to quit. †This is where hypnosis comes in. †It helps you (no secrets given yet) to release all the energy you put into smoking to turn it around and use it to quit smoking. Itís not an addiction itís a really strong habit.
Stress Relief
Hypnosisis the communication between one or more participants and the hypnotist wherein the individual follows their instructions. The participant is not by any definition unconscious, nor unable to control his or her body, but in a very relaxed and comfortable state to have a sensible communication with the hypnotist. It is impossible to hypnotize somebody against their will. The reason a client is called a participant is because he willingly participates in the session. In fact, any normal person can easily enter into a hypnotic state because this is a very naturally occurring phenomenon.
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Testimonial #1
Before I came here I felt out of control regarding food. Now I feel I am in control of my actions and I can change my feeling towards food. I no longer well eat because of stress, sadness, being bored, etc.. Drinking water, walking, going outside will be the ways I deal with my emotions, not food.
ByDeb L.
FromLincoln, NE
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Monday08:00 AM÷08:00 PM
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Jeff Martin

Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist helping people to change their lives by losing weight, smoke cessation, manage stress, and be entertained with hypnosis at any event. It's a life changing experience in the confidential hypnosis process with Jeff and Devan Martin CHt.

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