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Over the last 30 years The Painting Company has become one of the most requested house painters in Omaha and the surrounding cities. Weíre expert in all aspects of house painting from exterior house painting to interior, bathroom painting, kitchen painting and one of our top specialties Ė cabinetry painting. Whatever the situation, The Painting company is your go-to house painter.

Whether youíre trying to sell your home or you just bought a new house and youíre moving in, hiring the right house painter is an important step to giving your home a fresh new look.

Our friendly nature and level of professionalism and expertise are unparalleled in the residential painting industry. Your neighbors in Omaha, Bellevue, La Vista, Ralston, Papillion, Council Bluffs and many others have been using our residential painting services for years.

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1002 Durand Drive
Omaha, NE
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Professional Interior Painters
Our professional interior painters have been servicing Omaha for over 30 years and have built a reputation for providing the highest quality work in town. Just take a look at some of our work and youíll see that our interior painters donít settle for anything less than amazing.
Exterior House Painting
Painting the exteriors of a house can sometimes be a tricky task, but when done properly it can protect and beautify a house for years. For the best results, youíll need an exterior paint thatís power packed with high-quality pigments, resins and additives along with a smooth and clean surface for the new finish. Thatís where The Painting Company comes in.
Cabinet Painter

When it comes to woodwork and cabinetry, The Painting Company provides quality work that canít be found anywhere else. Our specialty is cabinet painting, and thatís why weíre the top requested cabinet painters in Omaha and the surrounding cities.†Whether youíre in need of cupboard and kitchen cabinet painting, bathroom cabinet painting, or any other type of cabinet painting, weíve got just the painters to get the job done right to your specifications.

Commercial Painter
If youíre an office manager, commercial landlord or commercial property owner, youíre well aware that maintaining your building can sometimes be quite a challenge. Whether it be to impress potential customers, or to provide a decent living or working space, itís important that you keep your building or offices looking great. Thatís where The Painting Company comes in.†From the start to finish we make sure weíre providing you with the best quality commercial painting services in all of Douglas County.
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